Hotel Dachstein in Filzmoos - Salzburger Land

Travel insurance

4 star Hotel Dachstein in Filzmoos

Occasionally something unexpected happens and an already booked holiday cannot be realised. In case of cancellation, delayed arrival and previous departure cancellation fees accrue. Therefore play safe for the future when planning a holiday at Hotel Dachstein and contract a travel insurance. You can avoid lots of anger and high extraordinary expenses.

The travel insurance comes into effect with the following certain cases: 1.   In case of illness before starting the journey 2. In case of death of immediate family 3.   In case of an accident before and during your journey to Hotel Dachstein 4.  In case of a delayed arrival due to road closings, avalanches, floods and any other natural disasters.

Calculate the equivalent rate and book via European Travel insurance.

Tip: Hotelstorno Plus  More than a plain cancellation insurance (without cost sharing) for your holiday. Hotelstorno Plus also contains abandoning a journey, additional expenses in case of delayed arrival or an unwanted holiday extension as well as search and rescue expenses. The insurance coverage lasts for a stay up to 31 days in Europe.

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